nature collections

remember when I used create nature collections?  I’d pick up little bits of nature while on a walk somewhere, then I’d arrange them in a pretty display and leave them for someone else to enjoy.  it’s been a long while since I’ve done one, maybe soon.

I love these nature collections from the organized collection group on flickr.  I even bought one of those beautiful sea fans.

{photos: Salt Cay, March 13-18, 2007, early spring 2010 no. 1, and prickly affair}


10 Responses to “nature collections”

  1. Deb said:

    Very neat! Love the labels. This reminds me of being a Girl Scout!

  2. Masha said:

    I also love the little calligraphy labels. So pretty.

  3. kate said:

    I just bought a seafan the other week too. I love it. These are gorgeous.

  4. Ashley said:

    So much beauty in these! Thank you very much for sharing!

  5. jessica define said:

    i’m new around here so i don’t remember that, but it’s a really neat idea, i like it!

  6. Nix said:

    These are beautiful. I love the corresponding colors and textures.
    Great blog!