outside dreamin’

it seems my mind is in a gagillion places at once these days.  the past few weeks have truly been the definition of an emotional roller-coaster.  with everything that’s kept me busy {from letterpressing to wedding planning to car accidents*} I’ve hardly had a moment to really catch my breath.  a few friends and I are going camping this weekend – just the thing I need to clear my mind.

{photos: untitled, untitled, child size leather library chair for some outdoor reading?, untitled}

*I was rear-ended a few weeks ago which totalled my car.  thankfully, I’m not hurt aside from a bit of whiplash, but it’s really a sad thing to see my good old car taken away to be sold for salvage parts.  thankfully, I live in a neighborhood that biking and walking is more accessible than driving!

12 Responses to “outside dreamin’”

  1. Carrie said:

    i’m so sorry to hear you got rear-ended a few weeks ago. me too…only about 6 or so weeks ago. nothing like stopping at a red light and getting whammed from the back by a handicap placard, aging hoarder who then proceeded to hide from his insurance while i suffered with whiplash AND bronchial pneumonia.

    i’m done whining about myself now. i do hope things become more peaceful for you very soon.

    camping sounds like a wonderful cure all – even if only temporary. xo

  2. Ashley said:

    Horrible! How scary. So glad that you weren’t seriously hurt.

    Have fun camping!

  3. Cat said:

    Sorry to hear about your car accident, but glad to know you weren’t hurt!

    Have a great time on your camping trip! Summer trips are the best!

  4. Anna Allen said:

    i am sorry to hear about your car accident! i feel your pain. two years ago i totaled my car and still don’t have another one. ahh, well. you kinda learn to live without when you have to. glad you are okay though! that is the main thing!

  5. joanna goddard said:

    sorry to hear that! what a bummer. hope you have a wonderful camping trip!!!

  6. Laurie H said:

    Oh I love this group of pictures! Hope you feel better after camping and thank goodness you are ok!!!!

  7. Amie said:

    So sorry to hear about your car accident! I totalled my car back in 2006 and I thought it was the end of the world but it actually ended up turning out for the better.

    Love all the pics!! So wonderful.

  8. jessica define said:

    i love your blog! it’s really nifty. just think of it that now you ‘get’ to walk and bike more often… those are the things i always wish i could do more of!

  9. Abby said:

    dang, sorry to hear about your car accident! A camping trip with friends can make just about anything better. I hope it is as sunny and beautiful as it seems like it will be.

  10. Shana said:

    Heal fast with the whiplash! I was in a car that was rear-ended, back in September, and I’m still feeling it from time to time. Boo. :( However, more than the PT exercises, yoga has helped immensely in strengthening my muscles back to where they were.

  11. Colleen said:

    So sorry about your car accident. That just sucks. Hopefully this week is making up for last week.