pretty ladies + tattoos

Brandie, Angie & Summer took a trip to the tattoo parlor & Annie documented it with her SX-70.  how cute are they?  and how rad is Summer’s new tattoo?

{photos by moxiee}

9 Responses to “pretty ladies + tattoos”

  1. Summer said:

    aww, thanks *so* much for this post alyson!

    we had a blast. xoxo!

  2. Sara said:

    My mind is swirling with ideas to get a calligraphed tattoo…

  3. Annie/Moxiee said:

    I was sitting there itching to get one myself.

  4. Natalie said:

    Ughhh, I’ve been dreaming of calligraphy tattoos, this does not help. Beautiful ladies, awesome tats.

  5. brandie said:

    Thanks for posting this Alyson! Such a fun day. I’m glad Annie documented it for us.