right this second…

I’m loving:
this adorable proposal.
this little skunk!
these airplant pods.

I’m craving:

I’m still searching for:
wedding shoes… will the search ever end?

what do you have planned this weekend?  we’re supposed to have sun and warm weather this weekend, finally!! I’m looking forward to long bike rides in the sun and afternoon beer stops.  plus, I’ve got a wedding dress fitting tomorrow – so exciting.  I hope your weekend is fun and sunny!

{photo from laurence}

7 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. alyson said:

    thanks! I’ve already got my dress, it’s the shoes I’m after. :)

  2. agnes said:

    aww…such a lovely photo so so inspiring!

    hope to go out in the sun and shoot some digital film, that is! hehe

    have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Anna Liesemeyer said:

    What a divine photo! The search for wedding shoes is a tough one! Bold color or classic? Heel or flat? So many things to consider! :) Good luck on the search!

  4. rachel said:

    I’m having such a hard time finding wedding shoes, too! It shouldn’t be this hard. Have a great weekend, Alyson :)

  5. patrice said:

    i just found this gem of a blog and have to say, it’s wonderful. have an amazing time with your dress fitting tomorrow and best of luck on the shoe search. how exciting!

  6. Brittany said:

    Is there a certain style you are looking for that is the struggle? I hated all the white shoes I found, plus as we were getting married in a meadow of sorts, I needed something wedgey but still dressy… I ended up buying a tealy blue pair of wedges (they were in a satinish material) sounds bizarre but I found them at an affordable price and the vibe went and I figured my dress was long. Turns out everybody LOVED them and I spent half the night pulling my dress up so people could take pictures of my something blue! Perhaps this could open up the spectrum for you a bit? Good luck, can’t wait to see! -Brittany