sprouted kitchen

I’m just a little crazy about this insanely well styled, well photographed, new-to-me food blog, Sprouted Kitchen.  off to make a giant grocery list.


9 Responses to “sprouted kitchen”

  1. jess said:

    i was looking for a way to waste my afternoon today. thanks for this.

  2. alice's adventures said:

    love this blog! i have that picture of the market carrots printed out on my fridge. so beautiful.

  3. Abby said:

    gosh darn, this is just the inspiration I have been needing in the realm of food right now! thanks for passing this along.

  4. Masha said:

    I love the picture of the cinnamon sticks – I’m a bit obsessed with cinnamon. :)

  5. Morgan said:

    That blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing that wonderful find!

  6. Yumi @ Natsukashii said:

    Love Sprouted Kitchen!! I’ve made many of her recipes. The photography and creative dishes are absolutely fantastic!

  7. Sara said:

    oh thank you :) this made me smile. LOVE your blog, gorgeous layout!!

  8. Connor Bell said:

    i like reading food blogs because i am always seeking for new recipes.;-: