summer wardrobe

these two looks seem to capture my favorite summer outfit to a T.  short shorts, a belted tunic and a breezy light-weight cardigan that fits into my purse for when the day turns into night.

longing for consistent sunny and warm days!

{photos from glam canyon and turned out}

9 Responses to “summer wardrobe”

  1. carrie said:

    i love these looks. so easy breezy – i am really warming up to the skinny belted thing too. makes the loose fabric of the top look even more laid back chic, but also put together.

  2. jessica define said:

    very pretty summer outfits! except i live in texas, so i can pretty much only get away with wearing this in my freezing cold office!

  3. Amanda {Mocking Bird} said:

    You always find the most stylish clothing.
    I’m longing for those days up here in Vancouver too. *sigh*

  4. Abby said:

    I love the one of the left. Lightweight, breezy cotton and linen is one of my favorite things about summer.

  5. casey said:

    love both of these looks. maybe this rainy spring will make for a gorgeous summer and even better fall? fingers crossed!