ugglebo clogs

I’ve been swooning over the Swedish clogs from Ugglebo lately.  I want to order a pair but #1 – I can’t decide which style I like the best and #2 – there are SO many colors to pick from!  what’s a gal to do?

enjoy 25% off with the code eye-on-emily. thanks Dave!!

15 Responses to “ugglebo clogs”

  1. Sara said:

    I’ve been wanting a pair of clogs for quite a while now but can’t seem to decide between open or closed toe!

  2. CHar said:

    I LOVE these and saw them about a month ago…LOVE top right…great for winter too…but would probably go with bottom left…
    I have regular clogs…and love them.

  3. carrie said:

    if it helps any i have the ones on the lower left and absolutely love them. mine are black, but the only reason i haven’t purchased the nude is i can’t locate them….wait a sec

  4. erica said:

    at first i thought these were sven clogs (which makes no. 6 clogs), but it turns out the two companies are related. how funny! i love the top left pair, especially. i can’t wait for leon to have his first pair, he already loves to wear mine.

  5. chaucee said:

    Ahh definitely clog lust right now – they look comfortable!

  6. The Maiden Metallurgist said:

    I’ve had my eye on the top right pair for a while- but I can’t wear them to work, so I can’t justify the expense. Sad.

  7. Jenny said:

    I *just* bought a pair–the Victoria in Celery Nubuck with a light brown wooden sole–and I LOVE THEM. They are sooo cute, make me feel super tall, but not at all wobbly and are surprisingly comfortable. And I think they are reasonably priced, compared to Hasbeens and No. 6 clogs. Plus, the owner, Dave, is really nice and responds directly to any questions you have. I highly recommend them. Also, I totally want some peep toe ones now.

  8. Lexie said:

    If it were me, I’d choose the sargasso clog in traditional leather, the british tan color with a natural base!

  9. casey said:

    i love these but am having such a hard time dropping the cash. i think they are all grand!

  10. Dave Giese said:

    We are very happy to hear that you and everyone else is loving Ugglebo.

    25% off with the code eye-on-emily


  11. hester said:

    Love them! I bough a cognac pair with the high heel. At the Swedish hasbeen site.
    The are so comfortable, I wear them a lot and I’m 8 months pregnant…