Monthly Archives: July 2010


a thing for green

unbeknownst to me, I’ve developed quite a fancy for green clothing.  my mom pointed it out to me the week of our wedding when I wore, not one or two, but three green dresses!  then today while browsing J. Crew’s new arrivals, I added this pretty little silk tank into my shopping cart and I had to laugh because I’d forgotten that I already put this green cardigan in there last week!  I guess it IS easy being green.  ;)

do you have a favorite color to wear?


fresh nachos

lately, one of our favorite {an easiest!} things to cook for dinner is what we like to call “Fresh Nachos”.  we’d developed a rather unhealthy obsession of nachos from a local brewery down the street from our apartment and after thinking about how many calories were probably involved in them, we opted to create our own version!  I simply saute some veggies – right now I’ve been using summer squash, broccoli, red onion and garlic.  I roast an Anaheim pepper in the oven, remove most of the seeds because I don’t like it too spicy, and dice it up.  then we pile all the veggies, some pinto beans, a diced heirloom tomato and feta cheese on top of some tortilla chips, and voilà!  Fresh Nachos!!