a thing for green

unbeknownst to me, I’ve developed quite a fancy for green clothing.  my mom pointed it out to me the week of our wedding when I wore, not one or two, but three green dresses!  then today while browsing J. Crew’s new arrivals, I added this pretty little silk tank into my shopping cart and I had to laugh because I’d forgotten that I already put this green cardigan in there last week!  I guess it IS easy being green.  ;)

do you have a favorite color to wear?

12 Responses to “a thing for green”

  1. *gemmifer* said:

    I looove green! I need to get some more of it into my wardrobe; I’ve been eyeing that cardigan since I got my Crew catalogue last week.

  2. Gina said:

    i have always liked green, good choices! i’d like to see the green dresses you wore <3 Gina

  3. Flora said:

    Hi Alyson! Don’t know if I have written anything since your wedding, so congratulations! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your day… Green is the ‘heart colour’, its symbolic meaning is linked to love, feelings, friendship, family, union… I thought it was funny that you developped a thing for green right around your wedding :) Have a lovely week-end!

  4. Emily said:

    Green is such a fun versatile color that covers all seasons! And my mom has such a penchant for purple that she has literally gone for days only wearing that color and as long as it makes you happy, I don’t see anything wrong with that!

  5. Melissa said:

    I love this shade of green! It’s perfectly earthy and cool.

  6. Down and Out Chic said:

    i have olive skin so green can be a little tough for me to wear. red or yellow always seem to be my go to feel good colors :)

  7. Sweet Ronit said:

    Like Down and Out Chic, I too have olive skin – green really is hard to pull off for us for us olive-toned folk. My all-time favorite color to wear is red, but I like orange too.

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages – love!

  8. kate so said:

    Love that color. I’ve been thinking about painting a dresser that shade. Congrats on the wedding!

  9. danielle said:

    oh my i am lusting after that green cardigan. the color is so lovely and cool.

  10. Sage and Style said:

    I’m a fan of green too! I think of it as a neutral because it goes with nearly everything. Another favorite is navy. I have green eyes and I find that dark blues really amps them up!

  11. old fashioned girl said:

    loving the green silk tank. would look great with a pair of white jeans for august and cool under a leather jacket in october.

  12. Alya said:

    I think for me, it has to be white. It’s so easy and soooo flattering to wear!