australian flora

during our wedding planning, I always found myself bookmarking bouquets and center pieces from weddings in Australia.  while I like my share of roses, I love interesting and unique flora the most.  those giant protea are amazing, aren’t they?

{top photo from 100 Layer Cake by Louise Bailey, middle photos from Once Wed by Angel Smith, bottom photos by Jonas Peterson}


12 Responses to “australian flora”

  1. swiss said:

    i’ve got my eye on the lotus. you could eat your bouquet after! edible bouquets idea that’s waiting to pop

  2. Gina said:

    i think these flowers are quite gorgeous & very green! :)

  3. Tatum said:

    Holy Cow! I love those

  4. Clair said:

    ps – proteas are actually a native South African flower, part of the fynbos ecosystem that is unique to South Africa – but they are simply gorgeous!

  5. Chaucee said:

    These are gorgeous! Great inspiration for a wedding. I hope we get to see your pictures soon!

  6. Louisa Bailey said:

    Hey there, I’m the photographer who took the first photo. Thanks for posting my pic! I’ve seen so many nice comments about our Aussie flowers on International blogs. You’re all welcome to come and have your weddings downunder!