I’ve been dreaming about taking a canoeing trip lately.  this photo from Hear Black is beautiful.

dlb and I canoed on our wedding day… more on that soon.

5 Responses to “canoeing”

  1. chelsea said:

    I loved this too. I just went canoeing on Saturday and it was divine. Love that you canoed on your wedding day.

  2. ag. said:

    this is such an amazing photo!
    can’t wait to see more of your wedding details!

  3. Amie said:

    I would love to go canoeing. To be honest, I never have. I guess that’s not such a popular thing here in southern California, but I sure would love to try! It looks so peaceful and amazing and wonderful..I think I equate all canoeing with the scene from The Notebook, and then I want to just DIE.

  4. Kaycee said:

    I love all of their photos over on Hear Black… and I can’t wait to see photos from your wedding!!! :)