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Hello dear Unruly Things readers! We’re so happy to be able to pop by for a post while Alyson is off being a beautiful bride. We’ve been watching her tidbits of wedding planning here and we can’t wait see what she comes up with for the real celebration.

We’ve been thinking about doing a post on mobile catering options (aka food trucks and carts) for ages but haven’t managed to get it together until now. Perfect timing considering Alyson is a PDX resident and there’s such a yummy cart scene up in her neighborhood.

The food truck scene is pretty out of control in LA. ANYTHING you want to eat can be delivered via food truck to any given street corner or parking lot, which had us thinking that these delicious mobile eateries would make exceptional caterers for a wedding. And one would think they’d be less expensive than plated dinner service, plus loads more fun.

The original upscale taco truck from LA: Kogi. They started the food truck revolution here by tweeting their location as they arrived. The lines used to be INSANE, but now that they have 4 trucks and a brick and mortar home at the Alibi Room, it’s a little more manageable to get your mitts on Korean BBQ tacos.

Then there’s Potato Champion in Portland that we’ve heard about multiple times, even down here in LA.

If we understand the Portland scene right, these carts are more permanent fixtures in their locations, which had us thinking that some place like Moxie Rx would be an adorable place to host your reception. It’s got to be one of the cutest spots around.

And it would be impossible to do this post without including IN-N-OUT. Back in the day there was nothing more exciting than learning the IN-N-OUT truck was coming to school. At least for those of us in Southern California.

And if you don’t want your main course to come from a truck, there are so many cute dessert options to choose from. We’ve selected a few of our faves from NYC, LA, and PDX, plus a gem from Kansas City that we couldn’t leave out since she’s a friend.

Starting with the old fashioned ice cream truck, some of our faves are Coolhaus, King Kone, and VanLeeuwen Ice Cream.

Then there’s cookie and dessert trucks, like Street Sweets and The Treats Truck.

And finally, two of the most cutest options out there, with coincidentally the same adorable little trailer: Fresher than Fresh sno cones (Hi Lindsay!) and Enjoy Cupcakes.

There are countless other options out there to choose from. In LA alone we have a dosa truck, a grilled cheese truck, a sushi truck, a fry truck, a green truck. The list goes on. And following in Kogi’s brilliant foot steps, they all tweet their location as they arrive. Which means you can track them at la.truxmap.com and follow all of them at once @foodtruckla. Food Carts Portland keeps tabs on what’s happening up that way. Find NYC Food Trucks keeps an up to the minute log of where to eat in Manhattan. All of these sites are good places to start if you’re looking for an interesting catering option for your wedding. Or party! Why limit all the fun to weddings?

Anyone have a favorite they’d like to share? We’re always up for recommendations on where to find delicious food, mobile or not.

Congrats Alyson! We’re so happy we could fill in for even just one post while you enjoy time with your new hubs.

From the ladies of 100 Layer Cake.

{Image credits (photos from official websites are not credited):  Kogi: Serious NY Eats, Potato Champion: Yelp, Stretchy Head, In-n-Out: Laist, Dwell, Gourmet, Flickr, LA Magazine, Enjoy: Jose Villa, Moxie Rx: Susan Seubert, Truck Food Nation, NYC dessert trucks: NY}


20 Responses to “guest blogger: 100 Layer Cake”

  1. Adele {modernemotive} said:

    Yum. The Korean BBQ Taco’s look delicious!

    I remember as a kid helping my uncle out on his mobile ice-cream truck. I loved it.

  2. After Yes said:

    This is such a great idea. So fun and different. Love it.

  3. Jamie said:

    LOVE the cupcake truck!!!! A must have!!

  4. Jennifer said:

    anyone have any knowledge of food trucks in the palm springs area? we’re having our wedding there and i’d love to bring this idea to our party. don’t think any of the LA trucks would come that far without charging me an arm and a leg.

  5. Jasper said:

    Potato Champion is so yummy!

    What a cute post, food carts are great :)

  6. Amie said:

    Love this, thanks! I live & work in LA and sometimes don’t have time to go home for lunch…totally bookmarking those companies twitters so I know when to run around the corner for some fast amazing grub!!

  7. Melodious said:

    In Atlanta, you can get the Varsity truck to come out and cater events. Maybe not the best idea for a wedding, but it would be great for a shower/rehearsal dinner option.

  8. kate said:

    WOAH. Oklahoma City needs to hop on the food trucks trend! I might just have to drive up to Kansas City for a snow cone. And now my stomach is grumbling…

  9. Beth said:

    I love this idea! They all sound so yummy.

  10. laura @ hollywood housewife said:

    I just had a burger truck at my housewarming party in LA and it was so fun! We used Baby’s Badass Burgers. They showed up in a darling bright pink truck.

    Guests got to choose between three different burgers (including a veggie option) and it was served up with fries.

    The best part? My kitchen was kept spotless when the truck drove away with the mess at the end of the party.

  11. swiss said:

    the one with the porch is so nice, i would love to go grab a cream soda and hang out there!

  12. Caroline Goodrich said:

    ah! so fun! we have a food truck here in central virginia that is called carpe donut– they have loads of unique and fun donuts.. all made out of organic ingredients (and absolutely scrumptious too!). my fiance and i are thinking of having them at our wedding! have a look… http://carpedonut.argon.org/

  13. krys kirkpatrick said:

    Friends of ours had a food truck at their wedding…a shiny airstream with gravy fries. They also had an Irish bagpipe troupe of 30 accompany the groom to the bride It was very cool.

  14. Holly said:

    There is an In N Out Truck?!?!?!?! Ahhhhhhh I wish that truck would drive right on up to Canada! Haha.

  15. april said:

    Carpe Dium in Charlottesville, VA is not good! No taste. We only have one other food truck that I know of here, wish there were more.