guest blogger: cevd

“where did you say you were going on your honeymoon?”

i cannot tell you how many times i heard this question AFTER i gave the answer. so i would repeat Iceland again and the person would just shake their head and say something like “you kids these days.” then they would then turn around and the conversation would be over*.   but i gotta say going to a cold weather locale for our honeymoon was maybe the best idea ever. we got to see snow and THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!  every morning we bundled up and every night we sat in front of a fire, now you tell me what could possibly be more romantic?

so, from me to you, a little tip : tropical island honeymoons are over, it’s the frozen tundras that are all the rage.

from Christine of CEVD.

{editors note:  have you seen Christine’s uber cool wedding??  a must see for sure.}

16 Responses to “guest blogger: cevd”

  1. chicadecanela said:

    We went to Iceland a month ago and we loved it! It was spring though and the sun was up almost 24 hours, now we want to go back again and see how´s it like living in perpetual darkness. Iceland is beautiful, otherwordly and wild while at the same time civilized and pristine. Your right, tropical island honeymoons are so last season!

  2. BB Wooten said:

    I agree that winter-ish weather is so romantic and snuggly.

  3. Chaucee said:

    That DOES sound like a good idea! I actually LOVE the cold by my guy loves the warmth….so we probably wont be doing this :D

  4. Maggie said:

    This is fantastic. Iceland has always been my dream honeymoon and you are right, what could be more romantic than breathtaking natural beauty and cuddling by the fire? More proof to show my boy that Iceland is the way to go. ;)

  5. carrie said:

    I think this idea makes perfect sense! Snuggle time!!

  6. h said:

    haha umm i appreciate a good cold vacation… i live in the caribbean year round. but i think for the rest of you, “tropical island honeymoons are over” is a bit of a stretch!

  7. Kimberly said:

    I live in Alaska so for us it MUST be tropical. *g* We have nine months of winter weather.

  8. francine gardner said:

    Was just in Iceland for 2 weeks last year, crossed the island on big wheel car through streams, beds of rocks, hiked up glaciers (one that just caused us so many problems) and volcanoes, bathed in wild hotsprings, swam in the incredibly refreshing ocean…. Loved it and cannot wait to go back for more adventures. I actually did a post on Iceland which was by far my favorite post to work on as this magical island is so photogenic.

  9. Melissa said:

    Sounds wonderful. I would so love to visit someplace to see the Northern lights. And the colder climates for honeymoon sounds great for cuddle times and wonderful nights in front of a fireplace.

  10. J. said:

    I haven’t been to Iceland yet, but I have been dying to go there for years already!

  11. didi said:

    love the idea of Iceland honeymoon! we got married in feb. and opted for a ski honeymoon at Whistler BC canada. it was the BEST. Ski. spa. snuggling in front of the fire.

  12. katie said:

    id say iceland is a perfect choice…

    the beach is way overdone these days anyways. id love to spend a week in a cabin in cosy scandinavia for my honeymoon, in the wintertime :)

  13. amy said:

    We’re looking at Iceland for our honeymoon too. Where did you stay? (if you don’t mind me asking) Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    Thanks, loved your photos!

  14. megan marie said:

    for our honeymoon we did Prague & Vienna in the dead of winter and i must say, it was nothing less than perfect. it was like living in a snow globe… exceptionally romantic.

  15. megan marie said:

    for our honeymoon we did Prague & Vienna in the dead of winter and i must say, it was nothing less than perfect. it was like living in a snow globe… exceptionally romantic.

  16. Kirstin said:

    I love Iceland! I went there for spring break (in the middle of march) and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.