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10 Reasons Why Being Married Is Just Better

1. When I take money out of his wallet, I don’t have to pay him back. (Warning: This works both ways.)

2. He makes the coffee 63% of the time.

3. When we have a really crazy, stupid, screaming fight, I never have to think, “Oh my god, are we going to break up over this?”

4. Wrangling our finances has made me a more responsible person. I.E. I no longer buy $800 leather pants I can’t afford just because I hate my life.

5. Planning meals for two encourages me to eat better meals. Let’s be honest, it forces me to eat meals period. I mean, I can’t let my husband eat a jumbo bag of gummy sours for dinner.

6. He/she puts up with my crazy family. (Downside: She/he reminds me at inopportune moments how much I am like them.)

7. Her hatred of clutter inspires me find more creative places to hide my crap. (Note: The bedroom may not be considered a “creative” place to “hide” an effing enormous cardboard box.)

8. She has a long-term plan for my personal style. (Downside: She also has a short-term plan for my personal style.)

9. He can actually tell me which outfit looks better. (Bonus: He’s learned to keep his mouth shut during the delicate pull-everything-out-of-the-closet-and-throw-it-on-the-floor phase.)

10. She makes me come to bed before the birds start tweeting.

From east side bride and her husband, H-town.

{Photo by Kimiya Shokoohi courtesy of The New York Times}


20 Responses to “guest blogger: east side bride”

  1. kate said:

    this is so sweet. i love no.9… my boy and i have been living together for 9 months and he is so sincere and sweet about giving me some moral support. he’s also saved me from public embarrassment a few times :)

  2. laurel denison said:

    This is so sweet and I am sure true ( I am engaged… and i can’t wait to make my own list~! ) PS I read esb … and love it!

  3. Jennifer said:

    Perfect list. I’m not married yet but I do live with my boyfriend of 3.5 yrs and I can relate to almost all of these.

  4. mrsbutton said:

    11. He encourages you to take a new job, which comes with a decent pay-cut, because your happiness is more important than $10,000.

  5. katie said:

    i happened upon this post at the most perfect moment. thanks this was fantastic!

  6. Rachel said:

    this was one of the cutest (and truest!) things i’ve read in ages. LOVE!

  7. Meghan said:

    I love number 2. My percentage is a bit higher though, more like 74%.

  8. elise said:

    This is great =) You made us jealous and happy for you all at the same time… well done.

  9. Rach| buttonsmagee said:

    This is just completely excellent…and you always have someone around to scratch your back or tell you if you have a weird chin hair. convenient!

  10. suzanne said:

    I love this – so true, so sweet. A number of them are dead on for the two of us but love 3 and 5! I’m totally borrowing this list :)

  11. ag. said:

    I love this list! SO honest and so real.
    It’s all about the little things that just make life better!