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in 2007 when I was preparing to wed, my grandparents waited until just the right time to hand me a card. In it, were all the sentiments you’d think to find in a wedding card–congratulations, best wishes and all that type of sentiment. But at the bottom she wrote: “And a tiny bit of advice: Never be too proud to say you’re sorry.”

My grandparents, Jane and Tom, have been married nearly 60 years. And even though times have changed, they’ve found themselves living in different cities, even countries from everyone they knew and loved, and experienced more heartbreaks that I can imagine, I think it’s apparent that throughout their nearly 60 years together, they’ve both lived by those words.

From Sarah of Lilac & Ivy.

{photo of Sarah’s grandparents, sometime in the early 1950s}

6 Responses to “guest blogger: Lilac & Ivy”

  1. ag. said:

    So sweet. I love the photo!
    Simple advice is often best…will keep that in mind…

  2. Aron said:

    Looks like a lovely couple! How nice to have that card and memory–and this photo!