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Long before selling my vintage wares on Etsy, I was a wedding planner for catering companies in both Boston and Long Island, New York.  I saw my share of some pretty grand events, both large and small.  But the most perfect one I have ever witnessed was the marriage of my brother Chris to his wife Lisa.  They married, within months of the proposal, on a beach on the coast of Cape Cod, with a couple of fistfuls of family and close friends.  There were meager lists, a nervous groom and a barefoot bride.  There were station wagons instead of limousines.  There was love.  The day spoke so truly to who they both are, it was pure magic.

We returned to a beach house for dinner overlooking the bay.  I don’t really remember the flowers or the food,  but what holds my memory is the cloudless sky, the roaring surf, the laughter and beach fires… and the love story that began that very day.  It was the most beautifully unplanned wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.   So just for a moment, put down the magazines, close the inspiration files and look your partner in the eye and vow to make the most beautiful, most ‘you’ day there ever was.

Congratulations Alyson and DLB… may all your dreams come true!

From Kim of Trampoline.

{photos from Steve Benoit}

4 Responses to “guest blogger: Trampoline”

  1. Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said:

    It sounds and look absolutely magical. I agree, it should really be about how you can personalize the day as much as possible, so it ‘feels’ like the couple!


  2. the teacup chronicles said:

    This is so inspiring and moving. Even the “simple” weddings that are popular on blogs these days seem to take a lot of planning and headaches…just to look simple! But this “unplanned wedding” beats them all :)

  3. Chris Teso said:

    Twas an amazing day, indeed. To have both of our fathers solemnize the nuptials made it even more.

    Thanks for writing this, sis.

    Love you, Lis.