Monthly Archives: July 2010


right this second…

I’m looking forward to:
date night with my husband.  :)
berry picking & beer festival tomorrow.
hiking on the coast.

love these:
4th of July
engagement photos.
popsicles.  {must make some now}
petal shorts
mushrooms.  {dlb’s mom gave us 3 big bags of dried morels!}

it’s been:
one week since we got married.  I can say I’m definitely in marital bliss.  I can’t wait to share all the details with you!!  we’re patiently waiting for photos from our photographer, so more about the wedding soon…

{photo by brian ferry}


totally married.

we did it.  it was the most magical day of my life and I’m officially married to the most amazing man a girl could ask for.

enjoying my last day of post-wedding bliss.  a huge thank you to my outstanding guest bloggers.  chat with you tomorrow, friends.

{photo by kimi kolba, who was a wonderful guest at our wedding!}