right this second…

I’m still enjoying:
newlywed bliss.  {look at my handsome husband!}

I’m thinking about:
dragging out my old film camera again.  it’s been awhile.

I think I want everything:
from the new Fall {!?!} arrivals at Frances May.

I’m really looking forward to:
a getaway to Willamette Valley wine country with dlb this weekend!
sipping on some fine fine Pinot Noir.
with a stop at the Aviation & Space Museum on the way home.

sorry to only give you little peaks of the wedding my friends!  it’s been killing me not being able to share our special day with you, but as many of you who’ve had professional photographers know, it takes eons to get your photos but it’s well worth the wait.  lucky for us, a lot of our guests were exceptionally good photographers so we’ve seen quite a few great shots, like this one from our friend Ann {aka Moxiee} who just happened to officiate our wedding.  more details soon, I promise!  until then… I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  chat with you Monday!

18 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. pam said:

    congratulations! And enjoy every moment! I have been married for 13 years. It has been fun to grow together. Sounds corny but it has and I hope you have the same feeling I have at 13 years… Happiness!

    ps. enjoy willamette Valley…I did!

  2. erica said:

    have a lovely time in the willamette valley. matthew’s family lives right next to a winery there, and it’s a fun place to visit.

    frances may can do no wrong in my books! i like that they styled fall so you can imagine wearing it in spite of the midsummer heat.

  3. Carrie said:

    oh thanks so much for sharing this one. many, many congratulations to you!!


  4. laura said:

    you look beautiful! and i love his tie. congratulations :)

  5. Ashley said:

    You both look wonderful and so happy! Congratulations!

  6. maria said:

    congraulations…what a wonderful image..i love the light…your dress…the whole luck which you can see in the image…great…

  7. two brunettes said:

    you look gorgeous Alyson!!! And your hubby looks adorable. I can’t wait to see all the details I am sure it was spectacular.

  8. Vivi said:

    You guys are darling!! And can’t wait to see more pix of your special day!

  9. Kendall said:

    Where is your dress from?
    I think I wore the same one in my wedding last summer!
    Mine was Nicole Miller .
    Your wedding looked beautiful!

  10. Kendall said:

    I cant wait to see more from your wedding!
    I check your blog everyday!
    You are inspiring!
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Being married is such a blessing!

  11. G. said:

    you look beautiful! so much love in the photo – congratulations!! xo.