spiced iced coffee

I’m not much of a coffee drinker.  I drink tea and lots of it.  in fact, I haven’t had a good cup of coffee since Christmas and hardly miss it.

however, today I got a weird kick in me and ordered a Spiced Iced Coffee from Prasad, my fave local lunch spot.  it’s spiced with cinnamon and cardamom and served with coconut milk.  I’d say it’s pretty much perfect for this bizarre July weather we’re experiencing in the Northwest.  {61 and cloudy and the need for leggings?  psh!}

{photo from smitten}

12 Responses to “spiced iced coffee”

  1. Elizabeth (Toile) said:

    I am going to need to go to Prasad! Their menu looks delicious and healthy, and isn’t too spendy. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Kaycee said:

    yummmmm…. have you ever tried Thai Iced Tea?? it is ridiculously delicious

  3. Wende said:

    I walked past Coconut milk in the organic aisle yesterday and wondered, “What would I do with that?” Now I know! This sounds yummy.

  4. Zinzi said:

    wooahhh. that sounds absolutely amazing. here in l.a. we’ve had similarly lame summer weather (overcast until about 2pm and then 60s/70s after that?), so i totally feel you on the cozy-but-still-summer vibe. must try this next time i’m in portland!

  5. Anni said:

    oh my goodness. this sounds amazing! i would never have thought of coconut milk + cinnamon + coffee… will absolutely try soon!