I’ve been on the hunt for new sunglasses.  ones that won’t fall apart, won’t scratch too easily and fit my budget.  these cuties from Karen Walker have quickly moved to the top of my list.

10 Responses to “sunglasses”

  1. Chaucee said:

    Thanks for showing me these! I’m on the hunt as well and the ones on the left look perfect : )

  2. Lexie said:

    I do love sunglasses, but I have broken and lost too many pairs to spend more than $30 on them! I’ll have to work my way up I suppose!

  3. Casey@HelloLove said:

    Oh so adorable! Love the ones on the right, though they’d be hard for me to pull off successfully! :)

  4. amie said:

    I have such poor luck with sunglasses – everytime I buy a pair that’s more than $15 they break within a few months, or get lost or scratched. About 6 months ago I bought a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely ADORED, and they broke on Saturday. I don’t have a backup and bought them at a stand at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, so now I have to wait 2 1/2 weeks to get another pair. Bummer. :(

  5. Suzi said:

    We carry Karen Walker shoes at Souchi. They are to-die-for too. And so soft. Meanwhile, these shades are good for sunny days…

  6. rebecca said:

    these are too cute! can’t go wrong with ray bans either.

  7. Elissa said:

    I love Karen Walker sunglasses! I have six or seven pairs. I bought most of them off online sale sites so they were about AUD90-100 each.