A + L = love

I hope you don’t mind me sharing some more photos and details from our wedding with you today.  ready?

our wedding was a dream.  after months of planning, it was so much fun to see things unveil throughout the day.  from the invitations to the dessert table, each and every detail was planned and formulated by us.  proof that you don’t need a planner for a pretty wedding!

my dress: “once worn” J. Crew gown from Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses
my pearls:  my “something borrowed” from my mom & grandmother
my hairKira Pinski did an amazing job with my hair.  she flipped and curled and played around until we found a style that suited me best.  I picked out two airplants that I had her attach in my hair and we even sang wedding songs while she was dolling me up!
DLB’s outfit:  suit – J. Crew, shirt – Nordstrom, shoes – Cole Haan
tiesFieldguided with Liberty of London fabric.
invites & paper goods:  all designed, letterpressed, stamped, tied and typed by DLB and me.
flowers & centerpieces: the wonderfully talented Megan from Fieldwork Floral Operation put together our bouquets and provided all the plants for our center pieces.  I told her I like weird and unusual but still graceful and she did such a great job.  I ordered all the airplants online, purchased the cloches, amber reagent bottles, 20ml graduated cylinders and 100ml beakers and gave her a semi-set up but really just told her to have at it.  I la la la LOVED what she did, especially the little nasturtiums in the tiny graduated cylinders.  my bouquet was a combination of pale peach roses, scented geranium, green blackberries, string of pearls and tillandsia and it was tied off with my something old, my great-grandmother’s hanky.
catering & pies: Phresh Organic Catering.  we served meat burgers, bean burgers and fancy sausages as our main food, combo’d with some incredible sides.
pound cake: made by my favorite baker, my mom.  this is the same pound cake she used to overnight to me on special occasions when I was in college!
cake flags: Herriott Grace
venue: Bridal Veil Lakes, a beautiful venue surrounding a lake in the mid­dle of the old growth for­est in the Colum­bia River Gorge, complete with wildlife from our wildlife cheat sheet: salamanders in the lake, dragonflies, a few little chipmunks and a baby bear!  95% of our guests trav­eled from out of town for our wed­ding, so we wanted them to fall in love with the Oregon outdoors, just as we had on our first adventures in the Pacific Northwest.
photography:  Erin of Erin Grace Photography was truly a dream to work with.  she captured some incredible moments and I’m so lucky to have found her!

I want to graciously thank the ladies at 100 Layer Cake for featuring our wedding among so many other gorgeous Real Weddings.  I feel so special, really ladies!  if you missed it this morning, hop over to 100 Layer Cake for some more photos from our day.

thanks for letting me share more photos from our wedding with you.  it was truly the most amazing, memorable, love-filled day of my life.

{all photos by Erin Grace Photography}


44 Responses to “A + L = love”

  1. kenzie said:

    I think it’s so beautiful. You did a fantastic job and I think it’s perfect. congrats!

  2. e.soule said:

    The wedding looks amazing and you look beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. alyson :: unruly things said:

    thanks so much Beth!!!

  4. katherine e batchelder said:

    it looks so beautiful! my man and i are getting married in 10 days and you have sparked some last minute ideas!

  5. Becca said:

    Oh my. You have such a lovely wedding here! I love the natural and simple feel :)

  6. *gemmifer* said:

    What a lovely and special celebration! Thank you for sharing a bit of this most wonderful day with us, and congratulations on your marriage!

  7. Paige said:

    beautiful! what a fantastic, special day! congratulations!!!

  8. colleen @inspiredtoshare said:

    Gorgeous! I love hearing your contentment from all the little details coming together. way to do things yourself and really make it yours! CONGRATULATIONS!! xo

  9. nole said:

    Alyson – your wedding was absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful! Just looking through your photos, there was such a sense of joy throughout the day, and every detail was even more lovely than the one before! I’m literally in awe – congratulations again!

  10. Mara said:

    wow what a beautiful wedding!! You look gorgeous and I just love that first picture of you two :)

  11. verushka said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! It looked like a magical day! Congratulations, and thank you for such an inspiring blog!

  12. katja said:

    aw, what a wonderful wedding! it all seems so perfect.

    congratulations to both of you

  13. Julie said:

    Looks like the most amazing day with great memories (and photos)! And, you look gorgeous!

  14. Michelle said:

    What a beautiful wedding, I love the outdoor scenery and your pearls, lovely!

  15. @laurenlankford said:

    oh my GOSH. i just died. i absolutely adore those little potted darlings. that’s exactly what i want for my wedding. you look beautiful and that table is just incredible. so so so perfect. love it all.


  16. Kristen said:

    Your special day looked amazing! I love the table settings and the venue was beautiful… Thanks for sharing

  17. julia said:

    i LOVE it all alyson!!! so perfect for you two. i’m so inspired as we start planning our own :). i wish we had a spot like this in minneapolis to have our wedding- it looks perfect! congratulations again, you two are so beautiful!

    ps: i want to see a photo of moxiee the officiant!!

  18. Ashley said:

    So, so stunning, Alyson! You two are radiating warmth and all of your details are perfect. I love the maiden-hair fern in the cloche, set amongst the gorgeous grove of giant trees.

  19. pam said:

    Very unique setting…love it. Love the table. You and the hubby look happy and stunning! Congratulations!

  20. ag. said:

    thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos. it is always so incredible to see a day come together so perfectly. it looked like a dream day for sure. just gorgeous!!!

  21. hearblack said:

    this all looks incredible

    such a natural style and theme

  22. Debbie @ Bridalhood said:

    I’ve been waiting to see pictures from your wedding – I’ve been following your planning for a while. It looked so amazing! I was just hiking an old growth forest near your venue yesterday and love this area so much. Congrats! We just relocated to Hood River and I’m so happy to call this home.

  23. sarah said:

    it is SO dreamy and perfect, thanks for sharing! I’ve been eagerly awaiting these! =)

  24. Meagan said:

    How cute are you?! I love your wedding, everything is so adorable and unique. Well done! And congrats :)

  25. Jen. said:

    Absolutely beautiful! Certainly a dream wedding. I find it so inspiring that you and your new husband planned it all yourself.

    The botanical and nature inspired themes are definitely you. The location is what gets me, it’s beautiful! I can only dream of having a beautiful wedding such as yours one day.

  26. Trish said:

    Wow – Beautiful Wedding!!
    Where did you buy the beakers? I have been looking for some for my apt. and have not had much luck…

  27. Melissa said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and details! Everything looks and sounds so beautiful!

  28. odessa said:

    alyson! i love, love, love your wedding. so perfect and so you. i hope you don’t mind me sharing this in my blog. thanks! <3

  29. evie said:

    not at all. thanks for sharing. your special day looks so divine im loving it! x

  30. Eliza said:

    Thanks for sharing these with us! You look so beautiful and happy. Congrats :)

  31. Kendra said:

    Gorgeous! I love the rustic details and the venue couldn’t be prettier. Congrats!

  32. didi said:

    beautiful simplicity. a big congrats on your recent nuptials. your blog is one of my daily treats. : )

  33. Molly said:

    LOVE the dress! Thank for sharing! The venue is gorgeous!

  34. Amy@OldSweetSong said:

    Wow! Everything looked amazing. It’s so cool to see it all come to life. Thanks for sharing.