berry portrait dress

I love this dress from Jackson, Johnston and Roe, so so much.  isn’t it the perfect berry shade?

I fell in love when I first posted about it way back in January.  now it’s on sale at Beklina… very, very tempting…


8 Responses to “berry portrait dress”

  1. Liz said:

    I’ve been lusting after this dress myself, its so perfect. I’m telling myself it is the perfect “transion piece” so I can justify the purchase! I also love the models hair!

  2. Gina said:

    veryy pretty but even the sale price is still to high for me!

  3. lauren said:

    I’ve been admiring this dress too, but I’m so hesitant to buy non-refundable clothes online. Does anyone know if JJ&R runs true to size?

  4. Moni said:

    That dress is super pretty, but honestly even 280 is pretty steep for a dress that doesn’t have much fabric, and is really thin.

  5. Anne said:

    This is a great dress. I bought it on sale at souchi on nw 23rd in portland not that long ago. I don’t know if there are any more, but it might be worth checking http://www.souchi.com. The fabric is thin, but the color and cut make it very wearable and timeless. I have already worn it to day & night events and always get complements.

  6. lauren said:

    Yeah, even the sale price is steep, but word on the street is there’s only 1 left in stock at Belkina… decisions, decisions!

  7. emily said:

    That dress is a fantastic colour. I love her bangs too. Every time I see pretty bangs like these I want to cut mine again. Must…resist…temptation…