essential neutrals

I love everything about this look from the Chloe Fall ’10 collection, despite the fact that it’s currently 80 degrees outside and quickly approaching 100 today in Portland.  Chloe always seems to get it right, with pretty structured neutrals.

4 Responses to “essential neutrals”

  1. A Night of Fashions said:

    I love this look! And her hair is so sleek. It’s still extremely chilly in San Francisco so Fall can take its time arriving :)

  2. Claire Elizabeth said:

    Tell me about it! Florida is hitting peak heat and all I want to do is wear sweaters and scarves and my new boyfriend blazer!


  3. Natalie said:

    And this shade of camel that is impossible to find anywhere else (except Celine). I swear I try and recreate the Chloe looks every fall and never find the perfect shade…