home inspiration

beautiful inspiration from the portfolio of igigi.

{via ill seen, ill said}

11 Responses to “home inspiration”

  1. Cara said:

    I would kill for that wooden spoon collection. If only I had room in my tiny kitchen… But I think I could make room for those hanging cutting boards!

  2. carlene said:

    Thank you for posting this link! I am going to spend some serious time on that site, I think.

  3. Holly said:

    Very nice photos! Love the simplicity of it.

  4. freefloatingsoul said:

    Great post!

  5. lauren said:

    every one of these photos just *gets* me, i want to live in them!

  6. the boot said:

    i absolutely love the rustic, open pantry look with mismatched monochromatic dishes. beautiful.

  7. Alice said:

    Wow! really great! rustic furnitures are my favourites!!! Simply great!