you know how they say, “life gets in the way of life sometimes…”  I’m having one of those days {weeks}.  here’s a few links for you today, posting will be light this week.  xoxo, friends.

a kitten that can’t jump.
bowtied groomsmen + the new snippet & ink
I just finished this book.  {I know… a little late, but I’m addicted!}
extra 25% off steven alan sale.
sea fans on skirts.
a log dish.
new twigs & honey pieces.  gorgeous!!
summer that lasts forever.

{photo by jesse vuona}

3 Responses to “life”

  1. Emily said:

    I am having one of those weeks as well! Here’s to better days to come!

  2. Kristen said:

    The Twilight series is like crack!

  3. B from Pergolina said:

    this looks so nice right now. why can’t i bring my cat to work! having cats around makes you relax. in my opinion.
    (spoken like a true crazy cat lady).