looks worth trying

lately I’ve felt super uninspired when I look into my closet.  I’m trying to save money by not spending too much on clothes, yet, the overwhelming sense of boredom strikes when I’m looking for something to wear.

here’s a few random looks that I came across today that are inspiring me to mix textures and add more layers.

{clockwise from top left:  lucky magazine, the sartorialist via kid collective, la garconne, totokaelo}

9 Responses to “looks worth trying”

  1. *gemmifer* said:

    I love these outfits, especially the ones with the summery pink blouse and the striped top. I’ve been trying to create some new outfits by “shopping my closet” (such a weird expression). Last week I found a military-style jacket that I bought eight years ago but never really wore. I realized it was too pressed and neat looking, so I washed and dried it and crumpled it up in a ball and it’s now one of my favorite pieces! I can’t wait until it gets cool enough here in New York to wear it–makes me as excited as having bought something new!

    (Please forgive the shameless self-promotion here, but you might find an inexpensive wardrobe boost in my jewelry shop, {gemmifer} handmade:
    I feel cheesy mentioning it, but a girl’s gotta spread the word somehow! ;)

  2. Gina said:

    i love the bangs! i need to get them again, mine are all grown out

  3. Mandy said:

    That girl from The Sartorialist seems to be popping up everywhere… She is so cute and French.

  4. Sarah said:

    That girl on the top right is my ideal summer wardrobe. Perfection.

  5. amie said:

    I totally know how you feel. It’s like me, everyday of my life.

  6. Alya said:

    2, 3 and 4 are my favorites! That’s what I want to dress like everyday, but can’t seem to find the right items..

  7. Kathryn said:

    bah!! i love the top left! i totally understand the whole uninspired feeling that comes from staring at your closet for too long.