metallic chucks

Suann posted the cutest pair of little girl sized glitter sneakers yesterday, which sent me on a hunt for a pair my size.  I got off track when I spotted these metallic Chucks.

now… I’m not normally a flashy kind of girl, but I’m seriously thinking about putting them on my “must-have” list for fall.

12 Responses to “metallic chucks”

  1. suann / simplesong said:

    me too! i really, really want the little girl ones … but these would do just fine as well….good find!

  2. Gina said:

    i like the gold ones much better than the silver ones, i think they will go with more

  3. Kristen said:

    I love those! and your right they would be perfect for fall… I think I might have to get a pair myself

  4. simple things said:

    oh, I have these in silver! I never wear anything shiny – I like very muted tones. But these are a favourite in my wardrobe.

  5. Jillian said:

    I live in my Chucks!

    I think these have a really cool look because they look flashy, but so wearable. I’d rock these with a loose, off-the-shoulder, white tee and some faded black jeans to “casual” it down.

  6. Kate said:

    love love love these shoes. i have them in hot pink (the metalic ones) and get more compliments than anything else i own! xo

  7. megan marie said:

    I’ve had the muted gold ones for years and they are my fave (!) Buy them… you’ll love them.

  8. lauren said:

    These are so simple, but totally awesome. I bought a pair of pewter mid-tops from Tretorn two summers ago. I was worried they might be too flashy, but they were perfect. I get compliments on them all the time. If I could change one thing about them, I would make them low-tops. Might have to buy these! My white chucks have crossed the line from just-grungy-enough to down right dirty.

  9. ag. said:

    i’m not flashy either but how fun are those!? love them! i’m definitely getting some Chucks this fall!

  10. Rachel said:

    Oh these are fantastic! Love them, I’m going to add them to my list too — thanks for the great find!

  11. Sarah B. said:

    Huh. I’m totally surprised with myself over how much I want a pair of gold ones now. Super cute & definitely perfect for fall!