Monthly Archives: August 2010


right this second…

I’m still thinking about:
indian heaven.
these two mountains.
lava beds and suspension bridges.
squash pizza and two #4s.
getting out of that funk.
the best day ever.

mt saint helens and my adams {respectively} as seen through my iphone.  don’t they look like vintage postcards?  hope you have an amazing Sunday, my friends.


mia tote

thanks so much for your sweet comments on my previous post.  I don’t like to post photos of myself that often.  {or actually, I take a photo of myself then realize how silly I look and don’t post it!}  but dlb took that photo of my yesterday and for once, I liked it!

now, to answer your questions about my purse!!  some of you may know, I’ve been madly on the hunt for a new bag for awhile now.  a bag that I can carry my lunch in, a change of clothes, shoes, my sigg, and everything else I might carry in my purse – all at once.  I’ve been toting around an old bright red Patagonia Half Mass bag for AGES and while I love it, it just wasn’t stylish.

enter Ellington.

the amazing ladies at Ellington contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know about their bags and I was thrilled.  not only did I find the perfect bag, but they are a local company!  I hopped on my bike and headed to their location in NW Portland to pick up my new fancy Mia Tote.  and yes… it can hold ALL of those items above and fits into my bike basket AND has a cross body strap.  success!

{photos by me}


not so basic tees

I keep attempting to add more tees to my wardrobe.  while the regular old crew neck or v-neck can be perfect just about any day, I’m looking for something a bit more interesting or with more form that I can disguise at my anti-tshirt wearing day job.  I like these two tees from Alternative Apparel a lot.

I recently bought this shirt in black, which I adore, and today I’m wearing it tucked in to a pair of thrifted black high-waisted silk shorts.  I love the look and it’s perfect for work AND bike riding!  dlb snapped this picture of me.  hi!



I realize my posts might seem a little schitzo lately, but it’s that darn toss up between loving fall clothes and not wanting summer to end.  I’m head over heels for this dress.  the print looks a little Rachel Comey-esque and besides, I could toss a cardigan over it and throw on some leggings when it got colder, right?

{spotted on oh joy!, via need supply}


toast – early autumn

the first few pages of the early autumn Toast catalog have me yearning for cooler* weather.  it also makes the messy artist in me want to get out my paints and go crazy.  luckily, myself and a few friends have plans for tie dying/dip dying this weekend.

*no, not cold.  just cool enough for leggings, light sweaters and scarves…  just incase Mother Nature is reading.  :)