satomi kawakita

beautiful rings from Satomi Kawakita.

it’s been awhile since I posted about a ring… today I simply could not choose one.


16 Responses to “satomi kawakita”

  1. Tiffany said:

    in love with the very last one. but they are all so pretty and simple.

  2. marisa said:

    wow these are all gorgeous. I love the gold bands on her site especially!

  3. Jessie said:

    Those are gorgeous! I’m in love with the other platinum/diamond options on the website.

  4. Brittany said:

    gorgeous. bookmarking the website along with my other favorites also found from your blog.

  5. Jayne said:

    Oh my. The ring on the top right just made my heart skip a beat. =)

  6. Suzi said:

    Simple but statement at the same time! Perfect.

  7. kate said:

    ahh, you find the best rings! so gorgeous.

  8. Rachel said:

    loving these! have you ever seen shana lee’s stuff (www.shanalee.com)? she custom made my engagement ring and out wedding bands. i have tons of her stuff. you might like her pieces!

  9. Kristi said:

    The bottom right one is my favorite, such an unusual color of green.

  10. Mia said:

    Absolutely stunning.