not so basic tees

I keep attempting to add more tees to my wardrobe.  while the regular old crew neck or v-neck can be perfect just about any day, I’m looking for something a bit more interesting or with more form that I can disguise at my anti-tshirt wearing day job.  I like these two tees from Alternative Apparel a lot.

I recently bought this shirt in black, which I adore, and today I’m wearing it tucked in to a pair of thrifted black high-waisted silk shorts.  I love the look and it’s perfect for work AND bike riding!  dlb snapped this picture of me.  hi!

23 Responses to “not so basic tees”

  1. ashley said:

    I’ve also been on the search for what I call “dressy” t’s. These two are great and I love your outfit and purse!

  2. Elissa, ebb & flow said:

    it looks great on you. i know what you mean about the crew neck/v neck rut. i’m on the hunt for something a little more unusual as well.

  3. Rachel said:

    Love the tee, love the high-waisted shorts. The girls head in the second photo is a bit cady-whompus. Photoshop oopsy.

  4. catie said:

    looks super chic on you! what bag is that??

  5. Tina said:

    Where did you get that lovely purse?

  6. rebecca said:

    cute outfit! don’t you hate planning your outfits around your bike ride? i always just end up wearing my ratty old cons if i’m gonna be on my bike. but you look swell!

  7. Sweet Ronit said:

    You look so chic! I got an Alexander Wang tee a few weeks ago, and though expensive, the drape is lovely. I also love Mociun (too casual for you for work, maybe?) and James Perse tees!

  8. Franny said:

    Love the outfit with the bag! Thanks for the photo:)

  9. G. said:

    love the look and even moreso that it suits bike riding! and you look so, so super cute!!

  10. dc said:

    yay, another girl on a bike looking stylish!! how is the bike commuting going?!