vanilla peach pie

my recipe for this Vanilla Peach Pie is up on Lilac & Ivy today!  go check it out… immediatly!  I’m not gonna lie, I’ve baked it two weekends in a row – it’s that good.

thanks for having me, Sarah!!

17 Responses to “vanilla peach pie”

  1. Teresa said:

    Hi! That looks yummilicious! I’ll be sure to hop on over to check out your recipe! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Btw, I’m hosting a package exchange over at my blog. Please feel free to come and join us! It’s going to be fun! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  2. amy said:

    this looks beyond amazing! i was just looking for a new recipe for all of the peaches i am picking up at the farmers market.

  3. Wende said:

    I love the combination of vanilla with peaches or nectarines. I use it when I make peach jam. Yum.

  4. pamela said:

    I made one of these just the other day.
    With blueberries thrown in.
    Fresh peaches … summer… pie….yum.

  5. rebecca said:

    and i’ve been wondering what to do with all my peaches from the farmers market. :)

  6. Brigitta said:

    Gosh, I love pie so much. I just learned how to make my own pastry too!
    This recipe is bookmarked! Looks delish.

  7. Jill said:

    Looks sooooo good! I have to try this.

  8. wsake said:

    this weekend i´ll give it a try! it looks great and i´m sure it´ll tast even better…

  9. Alicia said:

    Perfect – I was looking for a yummy peach dessert to bring to a party & I think I’ve found a winner! Hopefully I will exercise enough self restraint to not ‘test’ it before the party :)

  10. jenny said:

    i made this over the weekend with some girlfriends after hitting up the farmer’s market for peaches. so yummy! thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe!