apc madras

cute new things from APC Madras.

doesn’t the model kind of look like Selma Blair?

9 Responses to “apc madras”

  1. Jen said:

    I was just thinking the same thing before I read it on your post .. she DOES look like Selma Blair! Great outfits!

  2. Carrie said:

    I never tire of APC Madras – there is always a treasure to be found on their site.

    And yes, I DO see the resemblance to Selma Blair!


  3. kate said:

    I would so so so wear outfit #1. The model does look like a slightly emaciated Salma Hayek, but I think A.P.C. exaggerated that detail with makeup. (Here’s to hoping they did!)

  4. Olga said:

    Yes, the APC things are super cute — I would wear everything in this collection. And yes, the model kind of does look like Selma Blair!

  5. Porter said:

    APC is always to amazing. Always basic . . . always classic!!

  6. michelle said:

    I need a leapard (how do you spell that?) scarf..in muted colors, like now.

  7. grace said:

    It’s Brazilian model Tati Cotliar! She’s the new golden child of the runways. haha. And she has the BEST personal style. I just love her.