clock books

clock books

how cool are these vintage books, turned into clocks?  I’d love one for my book shelf!

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7 Responses to “clock books”

  1. julie @ rosy + tart said:

    Ooh, I absolutely LOVE these! My one year wedding anniversary is coming up and I just read that the traditional gift is paper but the ‘modern’ gift is a clock. What a FUN compromise! :)

  2. Emily said:

    That is some major retro modern fabulousness. I adore those.

  3. ag. said:

    love these! i have perfect person in mind who would i know would love to get one!

  4. Shara said:

    Wow, these are great! They remind me of these book sculptures they posted on design sponge a while back (maybe something similar in this etsy shop? http://www.etsy.com/shop/Paperfaerie), although the thought of ripping apart or painting over books makes me nervous, since I love books so much.