fall wish list

this fall, more than ever, I’m concentrating on comfortable looks and classic styles that can stand true season to season. sometimes I let myself get too wrapped up in trends that I forget about the things that are most important to me in clothing: essential pieces to the wardrobe and of course, things that look good and make me feel good.

here are some things currently on my fall wish list:

1. slouchy sweaters – in cashmere, alpaca or merino, these slouchy sweaters look great with skinny jeans or leggings.
2. leather with a twist – I’ve wanted a leather jacket for so long but have never found one that screamed “me”.  I think something like this one, with little style details different than the typical bomber, would be great in my closet.
3. a cashmere hoodie – yep.  I said it.  and I’m the one who always said “what’s the point of spending so much money on a hoodie?”  then it occurred to me that, during the winter months, I wear my hooded sweatshirt more than any other piece in my closet.  one word?  comfort.
4. legging/skinny jeans – I actually already bought a pair of legging jeans for fall, so this isn’t really a true wishlist item.  but when you find a pair that fits, best to get more than one color, right?
5. leggings – I get sick of tights sometimes.  leggings can be great with the perfect tunic.
6. one perfect little black dress – I LOVE the style of this beauty.  the subtle dolman sleeves and pleating at the skirt equal perfection in my mind.
7. animal prints – yes, I’ve sadly fallen for the animal print trend that’s hitting the fall runways.  I’m not talkin full dresses and giant exploding prints of animal skin, but ever so slightly visible, for instance with a skinny belt.
8. ankle boots – I’ve already got a few pairs of tall boots and a great pair of oxford booties, so this year, I’m coveting a pair of black wedge ankle boots.
9. black flats – I’ve just about worn my pair of black flats to the ground so I’ve been hunting for a new pair.  what I like about these is their casual elegance.

what’s on your fall wish list?  I’d love to know.


19 Responses to “fall wish list”

  1. BB Wooten said:

    I’m starting my wish list with that hoodie and that belt for sure…

  2. Shara said:

    That leather jacket is fantastic. I’ve had a way more expensive Veda jacket on my list (that I could never have afforded). This might be the replacement! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Kendall said:

    love everything on your list! especially the slouchy sweater. great picks!

  4. alicia said:

    best fall round-up in the blog land. i totally agree with you about classic, comfortable looks. love that slouchy sweater!

  5. debbie said:

    i like everything on this list. esp the flats, and intrigued by a cozy cashmere hoodie. nice finds—all classic, not too trendy.

  6. snaily said:

    Love all your stuff, which you made me want, the j.crew dress is perfect!! >_<

    I just fulfilled a fall wish item during fashion night out: Steve Madden Docile oxfords.

    I also have those gap jean leggings, and would like a few more colors :)

  7. Briana said:

    Ooh this is the best fall round up I’ve seen! must. go. shopping…

  8. jess said:

    i got that jacket. ftw. it is kinda amazing.

  9. Victoria said:

    Really nice choices. Love the cashmere hoodie, the leggings and the boots.

  10. Aubrey said:

    swooning over ALL of these items – esp. the slouchy sweater!

  11. Ana said:

    Cashmere sweaters (specially living in Portland, OR, where it is chilly pretty much year-long) are a must in my wardrobe. They are pricey, but a great investment, can be dressed up or down and they are super comfy.
    I also love leggings and boots, another staple here in PDX.

    Love the website.

    Hugs from a fellow Portlander :)

  12. Stephanie said:

    You summed it up perfectly, and I love your wish list. You’re so right about trends versus feeling good and comfortable. I think it should be about staying true to yourself.

  13. Joanna said:

    I love this fall wishlist, especially those cozy sweaters. I have definitely honed my sense of style over the years and will only wear something if it’s both comfortable and chic.

  14. rebecca said:

    little black booties are on my list as well. so easy to just slip on and go. great list!

  15. Mary @ Room Polish said:

    That sweater is gorgeous! I am in the midst of figuring out my fall ‘must haves.’ This helps!

  16. bridget said:

    my favorite favorite pair of black flats from UO are pretty m uch on their last leg. they don’t make them anymore… little did i know i should have bought 10 pairs.

    love your choices there.