heirloom bulbs

I’d love to plant some bulbs this year now that we actually have a pretty decent back yard.  {we’ve got anaheim peppers growing and our heirloom tomatoes are finally turning red!}  I don’t really know much about planting bulbs but I suppose now is the time.  these heirloom bulb varieties at Terrain are so pretty!  how wonderful would it be to see these bloom after waiting winter and most of spring?

7 Responses to “heirloom bulbs”

  1. Maggie said:

    Oh how I wish I had a yard! These are lovely–if I had the space I’d plant those pretty red tulips and look forward to Spring.

  2. Carrie said:

    These are so beautiful. When I lived in the Pacific Northwest we tried to include these in the yard as often as possible…made for an even cheerier spring!


  3. julia said:

    awesome! my mom ordered over 200 bulbs when she was in holland over the summer, and is apparently planning on sending me most of them when they arrive. i’m SO excited to plant them!

  4. abby jenkins said:

    YES! a place to buy heirloom bulbs! I am a bulb addict, thanks for the fix.

    You should try Iris Reticulata “Harmony”, en masse, at your new home, they are magical and bloom super early.

  5. Abigail said:

    oh yes! thank you because this reminds me i want to try bulbs this year. i have instructions for doing them in pots (as we live in an apartment building) and i hope it works!

  6. erica said:

    you know i’ve never planted bulbs again, but this post has inspired me to give them a try this year. our apartment building has a strip of earth that i could use. there are haphazard plantings of crocuses and daffodils from years back, but it would be nice to really go all out.