never frou-frou

I know I just got a new bag… but a girl can’t help but dream of a closet filled with lots of shapes, colors and sizes of bags, right?  loving this grey number from Tano.

8 Responses to “never frou-frou”

  1. CHar said:

    SO loving the grey bags this Fall…my sister just got one for her B-Day from Mulberry…love it!

  2. Amy Wing said:

    Holy schniekes, I LOVE that bag. Darn you for setting off a new bag crush! ;)

  3. gina said:

    this bag looks so SOFT, i just want to pet it! hehe

  4. jill said:

    ooh…nice. I just saw your new bag too and love it. Is it all leather? I can’t seem to tell from the photo. Thanks!

  5. Blue Penguin said:

    Oh, having such bag envy right now – love your new tote, but this grey one is just calling my name so loudly. And the purple ones on the Tano site are brilliant… will definitely be trying to track one down!