scarf shop

scarf shop

I love Martha’s new Scarf Shop.  if you’ve ever owned one of her beautiful gossamer scarves, you know how amazing they are.  I’ve got a regular sized one in cayenne, but I’m quite in love with the giant size – it’s kind of like a blanket!  I’m thinking olive or rose.  what color would you get?


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  1. Jess said:

    Thanks for this post! Scarves are my go to accessory and I’m always on the hunt for a new addition to my collection. Just ordered the “big” size in teal but was torn between that and the rust….so beautiful!

  2. Jessica Zigenis said:

    Wow. I think I’m drooling. How perfect are these for fall?! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m smitten. It’s great to meet other Oregonian bloggers.

  3. Maruša said:

    thank you for this post… I wear scarves almost every day, with every outfit and this shop is just rad. I cannot pick only one color, but fuschia is very tempting ;) and the bigger the better… my next one will definitely be the giant one.

  4. Amy Wing said:

    Oooh, I love the plum color! Such a rich color for fall, and a nice contrast to the rusts and browns that usually pop up in my wardrobe at this time of year!

  5. Lulu said:

    omg i am so in love with that plum one! gah, it’s the PERFECT color!

  6. casey said:

    these are great and inexpensive! too bad the regular size is sold out. i’m loving the olive, navy and plum. decisions.

  7. Abigail said:

    love love love. the giant size is fantastic! i am torn between a good autumn color like the rust or teal and an airy spring color like fog or wisteria. but to be honest, the more i look at the choices, the more of them i like!

  8. natalie said:

    how have i never seen these!!! I’m obnoxiously excited.

  9. martha said:

    thanks for the sweet post alyson!
    I’ll be restocking soon:)

  10. Danielle said:

    MUSTARD! I’d love a good scarf to match both my blue tweed coat and my black coat!