soft pretzels

soft pretzel

Ashley posted about German-style soft pretzels this morning and of course… now I’m dying for one.  how tasty do these look?

I think I’ve found a project for Sunday – mini soft pretzels!

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8 Responses to “soft pretzels”

  1. ag. said:

    oh i could so go for a soft pretzel right now. makes me dream of a sporting event or a fair. so yummy!

  2. Bridget said:

    How funny—I just sent my girls an email that we’re having a study break and making homemade puffy pretzels this Saturday! (I’m an RA at MIT) Should be great fun!

  3. Deb said:

    Those look amazing! My daughter and I just split one today at the mall with honey and crushed almonds. I havent had one in years. SO GOOD!!!!!

  4. natalie said:

    I made those for a superbowl party (with warm cheese dip). Be careful, once you see how easy it is… pretzel mania.

  5. Jolie said:

    It is awful that I can almost smell those. They are so pretty!

  6. julia said:

    oh my! when we were in germany a few years ago i think we ate a soft pretzel every day. they were amazing! and i loved the toppings- especially sesame seeds. must try making them soon.