striped cardigan

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of stripes.  loving this red & tan cardigan from Aubin & Wills.


11 Responses to “stripes!”

  1. Lulu said:

    this is beautiful. i really love the pockets =]

  2. Gina said:

    i love stripes too, and like lulu said above pockets are fun!! ;)

  3. Lil said:

    Your blog is looking lovely, and it’s one of my faves….but for some reason your photos aren’t showing up in my Reader anymore… :( I love that cardigan though!

  4. Masha said:

    Nice. I’m also a lifelong stripe-addict…

  5. Angelia said:

    This is a great look. Stripes are my weakness, and I know they are not the best look for me,What Not to Wear Stacie, would not be pleased.

  6. emily Fitzhugh said:

    I love it. It would be so great to mix with something a bit feminine…the stripes are big enough it really versatile. I want it!! :)

  7. Brittany said:

    amen! i know i have a problem when i’m doing my laundry and all i see is stripes!