it’s pretty gloomy in Portland today.  this bright and cheerful collection from Suno is so great, isn’t it?  I almost forgot that it’s raining outside!

thanks for the introduction Erica!

6 Responses to “suno”

  1. mosey said:

    wowoow, this is beautiful. i’m in love.

  2. Looks Good To Me said:

    I love Suno! Their collections always give me such a lift. I love what they are doing with pattern and print especially!!

  3. Shara said:

    I love Suno! My dream closet is filled with Suno, Rachel Comey, and Mociun. Alas for reality.

  4. Amy Nieto said:

    Alyson Brown, I’d give almost anything to see you clad in all sorts of colors and shapes like the clothes above. Let me know when you do, okay? :D