zara, online

I’ve only ever been to Zara once before, in the Philippines, and often considered asking my dad to pop in and buy me things.  somewhere along the way I missed the memo that Zara just opened an online shop.  this could be very dangerous seeing that I already wanted to pop more than half of the above items in my shopping cart.

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  1. lauren said:

    This might sound kind of stupid, but I can’t figure out how to add things to my cart (a shopping deterrent, indeed). Am I missing something obvious?

  2. alyson said:

    hm, I guess in protecting myself from spending any money, I didn’t try that. but that is strange!! perhaps they’re still working that out.

  3. annika said:

    Zara is great for affordable style, but I find that the pieces are over-priced for what they are. I’ve shopped at Zara for years, and I find that their items don’t wear very well: seams will come undone, holes appear after a few washes, and buttons will inevitably fall off. I wouldn’t buy my work clothes there unless I was only going to wear an item every once in a while. I’d buy “going out clothes” there or casual summer items, but only on sale. I find that even H & M has higher quality clothes at cheaper prices.

  4. Jenny Gordy said:

    You can online shop Zara online if you live in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany or the UK. That’s why it doesn’t work to add stuff to your cart. : (

  5. sylvi said:

    how odd, i was just looking for an online shop two days ago, after i found a perfect dress in all the wrong sizes in a local store. too bad they’ve limited the countries, my heart already skipped a beat when i saw this post. (i’m gonna go see anyway…)

  6. *gemmifer* said:

    @Lauren, I noticed the same thing when I went to their new webshop. It seems that you can only look at an item and see its price. To me, that’s only window shopping, and very frustrating!

  7. *gemmifer* said:

    They did say they were starting online shopping as of the beginning of September, so this doesn’t make any sense!

  8. corrie said:

    aghh, when will they ship to the US? i think half of my closet is zara, having it online would be so much easier. being able to browse is sort of cruel since the stores vary so much that it’s hard to track down a specific item. i tried on that bottom center skirt in a store maybe a month ago and it was so gorgeous but the wrong size. zara, are you listening? ship to amereeeeeca!

  9. Carrie said:

    I’m a relative newcomer to Zara and it really is a treasure trove of goodies. I’ve picked up some really fashion forward jackets for a fraction of the cost, and am always so surprised by what a mob scene it is in there. Perhaps online is the way to go. I’m still in pain after getting trampled by the crowd at Tucker for Target.


  10. Sarah said:

    What?! I this is true my wallet is in serious trouble.

  11. Yumi @ Natsukashii said:

    Zara is so great! I first discovered them years ago on the East Coast (Florida out of all places! How did they get one before CA?) longing for the day for them to come to the West. Alas, now they’ve been in California for a few years and now online? Hooray!! :)

  12. erin said:

    thanks for this post – i love zara and there isn’t one in my area! i did a little searching and it looks like online shopping will gradually be available in other countries, so my guess is the US isn’t far behind…

  13. Susan said:

    Awww, bummer. There is no online shop for U.S. users. Sigh…

  14. vanessa said:

    Ontario, Canada has Zara (at Yorkdale Mall in North York). I am inlove with the clothes, especially the lace dress.

  15. amy said:

    alyson! i forgot you had a tie to the Philippines. i am going on an lds mission there in October. i’ll live there for about 18 months speaking tagalog. I’m living on the island of Panay. where does your dad live? got any tips? advice? i’m so tickled i was reminded of your connection to the Philippines.

  16. amy said:

    p.s. love Zara. shopped there all the time when I lived in D.C. :)