apc fall

I’m still working on perfecting my fall wardrobe, especially following the amazing sunny and cool weather we had in Portland this weekend.  loving these fall pieces from A.P.C.

11 Responses to “a.p.c.”

  1. Shara said:

    These look perfect for Fall. I especially love the elbow patches on the sweater!

  2. A Flourishing Perspective said:

    I love all of your picks! I’m still adding things to my Fall wardrobe also. :) I’ve seen elbow pads on sweaters a lot and love it. And, stripes I’ve seen a lot as well–they’re so brilliant!


  3. Sweet Ronit said:

    What perfect Fall picks! My friend and I were just recently checking out that sweater with the elbow patches in Local 35 – so cute, and soft too.