bridge & burn

bridge and burn

last week I mentioned that I had a new jacket I’ve been wanting to tell you about.  here it is!  dlb took a few photos of me at the pumpkin patch this weekend and I thought I’d share!

I’d been hunting high and low for the perfect jacket for fall, so when Erik from Portland local company Bridge & Burn contacted me a few weeks ago about his latest collection of jackets, I knew I’d found the one.  the Castle Jacket is SO perfect.  it’s lined with flannel and super comfortable.  I think I’ve worn it every day since it arrived in my mailbox!!

be sure to check out the other great jackets {mens too!} available at Bridge & Burn.  I think my next B&B jacket will be the Bonnie Waxed motorcycle jacket.  love!

{on a side note, my hair is SO long!!!}

15 Responses to “bridge & burn”

  1. kate said:

    LOVE this. you look so cute!! off to check them out!

  2. Ashley A. said:

    I need a new fall jacket (I’ve got a great trench, but want something a bit warmer). These are great! I might have to get one… :)

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  3. Ainsley said:

    oh, what a great coat!

  4. Zandri said:

    That is simply gorgeous! And you wear it so well!

  5. CK said:

    SO perfect! I’ve been hunting for a fall coat too and this is so very reasonable! Does it fit true to size in your opinion? thanks for sharing!

  6. alyson said:

    hi CK! this is a small and it fits me perfectly!

  7. sarah said:

    what a great jacket, i think i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect jacket for ummmmm, ever!! i’ll have to check out b&b.

  8. *gemmifer* said:

    @Sarah, I have the Boden moto jacket (very similar to this year’s but no belt) from last year, and it’s really great. The fabric is heavier and lined so it’s pretty warm. I love the waxed cotton so much! If I didn’t have it already, I’d consider a B&B jacket, most definitely!

  9. Megan said:

    Gah. I love (LOVE) my Bridge & Burn jacket, however, I could use some extra lining now that it’s getting chilly out. This seems like a logical next buy. Thank you for posting!

  10. Meagan said:

    That is definitely a super duper cute jacket, it looks really good on you!

  11. AndiK said:

    What boots are you wearing?! I love them!