cable knit pillows

knit pillows

when the air starts to turn cooler, I automatically begin thinking of ways to cozy up my home.  I typically turn to throw blankets, but today I stumbled on these cable knit pillows.  imagine how cozy they would make your couch or bed!


7 Responses to “cable knit pillows”

  1. Meredith said:

    How warm and wintery do those pillows look! Perfect for snuggling up in the cold weather!

  2. ag. said:

    Those do look perfect for cozying up against! Perfect on a cold winter’s day!

  3. Chaucee said:

    Oh boy these are PERFECT! I’m going to start knitting right away.

  4. Amanda Swann said:

    I saw some of these at Pottery Barn over the weekend and thought they looked so cozy! very cute.

  5. Abigail said:

    these are so beautiful and the styling – that light! that blue wall! very lovely indeed.

  6. PreciousKnits said:

    Thank you so much for featuring my Cabled Knit Pillow Shams on your site! I truely appreciate it! You have such a wonderful blog. Best Wishes


  7. Rebecca said:

    Oh, beautiful! I need one of these to snuggle up to immediately.