closet visits

closet visit jeana

I’m loving Jeana’s new feature on her blog, Closet Visit, where she visits stylish and inspiring people’s houses, checks out their closets, and photographs them wearing their favorite stuff.

my favorite is her latest visit of Bo Carney’s closet – the owner of Mohawk General Store.

{all photos by Jeana Sohn}

7 Responses to “closet visits”

  1. jeana sohn said:

    hi alyson
    thanks so much for posting my closet visit. i’m glad you like it. xo

  2. Truly Smitten said:

    that sounds like a very cool project! She can come visit my closet any time! =)

  3. gina said:

    what an awesome idea.

    this girl has gorgeous eyebrows!

  4. erin said:

    what a fantastic idea! i want bo carney’s closet… but more so i want her dog – so cute!