covet garden

have you heard of Covet Garden?  it’s a new virtual magazine that peeks into the homes and lives of some interesting people and spaces.  this peek into the home of Shelley, Brendon and Clover from the October issue is spectacular.

thanks for sending this my way, Lynda!

10 Responses to “covet garden”

  1. Nicola said:

    This is wonderful. I’m going to check it out too. :)

  2. make my day said:

    Can you imagine that arrangement of pom pom’s (couldn’t think of what else to describe them as) above a dinning table?! just a thought but..wouldn’t it be fun for once in a while. Had heard of covet garden but didnt realise it was an online mag! thanks for the highlight. cheers kari

  3. Ana said:

    I love the way she styled her pom poms in the bottom left corner, right over the crib. I have some in my loft, but never thought of grouping them that closely. So sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  4. kristina said:

    ooooooooooh. those pretty tissue paper poofs above the crib are the cutest. girl babies have all the fun. when it comes to decor at least.

  5. Stephanie said:

    I love the concept of Covet, can’t wait to discover another home :) In the meantime, I *have* to figure out how to make those beautiful flowers hanging over that crib!

  6. jessica said:

    I get so inspired when i look at sites like this :)

  7. Jeanelle said:

    Love the baby room, those pompoms look so cute, thanks for posting about this mag, especially now that most of my favorite ones have folded :(

  8. Sage & Style said:

    I haven’t heard of this! I also adore the baby room … such a great resource and the colors are sublime.