floral desert boots


these are mens boots, but wouldn’t they be cute a few sizes smaller?

9 Responses to “floral desert boots”

  1. rebecca said:

    can’t picture a man wearing these. but i sure would! :)

  2. Karin said:

    ummm…can’t say i’d be interested in a man wearing these boots. but for a woman they’d be great!

  3. Erin said:

    I’m surprised they’re men’s boots too! I’d wear them for sure.

  4. Diana Mieczan said:

    Really, those are men’s? I would love a pair too:)

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  5. Meagan said:

    These are men’s boots? What?? Way better for cute girls, in my opinion. I’d wear em!

  6. terri planty said:

    who ever is wearing these boots would look great. they are so playful and sweet! love them. i dig most of the shoes you post…