happy halloween!


dlb and I had a fun night, carving our pumpkins, eating carrot cake and drinking fresh squeezed hot apple cider.  I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!!

{his pumpkin on the left, mine on the right}


9 Responses to “happy halloween!”

  1. *gemmifer* said:

    I love the use of small gourds for eyes on DLB’s pumpkin. Very creative, and funny! Happy Halloween to you too :)

  2. Meredith said:

    That is the cutest pumpkin i have ever seen! Love the mini pumpkins for eyes!

  3. Flora said:

    Ha ha ha! Your pumpkins are great! I love the eyes and the teeth of DLB’s pumpkin. Have a great new month now :)

  4. jennifer said:

    wow, i love your pumpkins! :D how creative w/ the mini pumpkin eyes


  5. elissa @ faucethead said:

    your pumpkins turned out way better than mine! i opted for triangle eyes and a crooked smile…standard.

  6. kate said:

    Man! You and your husband’s pumpkins blow my and and my boyfriend’s pumpkins out of the water! Those gourds for eyes look great!

  7. franny.glass said:

    this has cemented my previously existing gigantic couple crush on you two.