pretty dresses

steven alan

dresses are a big staple in my closet.  I definitely own more dresses than any other item of clothing.  here are a few pretty dresses I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet from Steven Alan.

what about you, friends?  do you wear dresses a lot?  they’re so easy to throw on with a pair of tights or a light cardigan – it makes getting ready for the day that much faster!

14 Responses to “pretty dresses”

  1. julia said:

    i wish i wore more dresses! it’s actually something i’m working on adding to my wardrobe. i just need to find good dresses that work on a bike (and when it’s cold!).

  2. Kendall said:

    Dresses are pretty much all I wear!! I love them, they are comfy and feminine!

  3. margaret said:

    Yes I wear dresses almost exclusively. There is just something about jeans that I kind of hate. The gray striped sweatery one is my favorite!

  4. alyson said:

    Julia, dresses are so easy to bike ride in!! I always wear dresses while biking! in the summer I bought some cheap black bike shorts and now I’ve been wearing leggings. I figure, some gals wear leggings as pants so I don’t let it bother me if my dress rides up! :)

  5. jana said:

    I love dresses, they are the first thing I look for when I go shopping to my favourite second-hand shop. I agree with alyson, wearing a dress while biking is wonderful.

  6. Sarah said:

    I love dresses sooo much! With leather flip flops or chunky brown sandals in the summer. Tights in the fall, boots. You really can’t go wrong.

  7. Ashlae said:

    I own way too many dresses, and skirts! They’re so versatile – I never have to stow them away in my winter or summer clothing bins. Such a great staple! And I love the striped dress.

  8. The Noisy Plume said:

    That striped sweatery thing you have there is positively DELISH. I love a good dress. Especially in the winter with tights and boots — makes me feel like a darling little orphan…

  9. Sasa said:

    Dresses fill my wardrobe…Pants are always a challenge for me to buy (short Asian legs!) but a dress always makes me feel pretty…Unfortunate because I live in cold cold Austria where this is completely impractical T_T

  10. rebecca said:

    you always look cute in a dress! especially steven alan.

  11. alicia bock said:

    These are lovely! I wear dresses all summer, but confess I fall into a jeans rut come fall. I do miss them and certainly could use a couple cozier additions. I love the look of dresses and boots.

  12. courtney said:

    i am addicted to dresses as well. i always want more!! but when the winter rolls around it’s harder for me to want to wear them- though i still do with tights and cowboy boots!

  13. Brittany said:

    i want all of these, shoot! i need to get some tights so that i can wear more dresses!