ruffle dress & brogues

ll bean dress

I’m completely smitten with this dress/shoes combo from L.L. Bean Signature’s Winter 2010 collection.

see more from Winter 2010 on the L.L. Bean Signature Facebook Page.

11 Responses to “ruffle dress & brogues”

  1. Laura Wisneski said:

    Wow, that’s actually really darling! I never thought of l.l.bean for something as cute as that.

  2. porter said:

    The shoes . . . the dress . . . total perfection!!

  3. Abigail said:

    i need this dress (and i’m loving what LL Bean is doing with this new line)

  4. sarah said:

    ll bean doesn’t get too much style attention but there are some gems in here! thanks!

  5. casey said:

    way to go ll bean! hope you’re feeling better.